Communication on the uprising in Minneapolis


Communication in english on the uprising in Minneapolis

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

George Orwell,1984

For the umpteenth time a uniformed in America kills a colored man. The cop is drowning George Floyd, pressing him with his knee on his neck, adding another incident of police oppression to the huge list of those murdered by state violence in the United States. Since Tuesday, protests against racism and police brutality have started in Minneapolis, sparking mass riots. During the protests, one of the protesters was found dead by a pawn shop owner’s bullet (with the information so far), also entering the list of people who died because they belong to the class and social base. Of course, we have no illusions. The state and capitalist brutality has repeatedly shown its true face.

The class/racist structure of American society is a given. The Ku Klux Klan para-state acts have been replaced by the state’s legal police officers. Every day minorities in the US are subjected to violence and racism, with 40% of the murders by the police and 35% of the prisoners being African-Americans. A look at the covisd-19 death rates proves the unequal treatment they face. They die of the virus three times more than the white people because of various causes, such as non-access to the health system, low income, poor working
conditions. The misery that African-Americans are experiencing in the ghettos is suffocating as George was suffocating under the cop’s boot. I can’t breathe. A slogan that includes the cry of all oppressed from all parts of the world. Racism and fascism are everywhere and they are fed by the state and capitalism.

Some insist on exorcing brutality by saying the well-known: “fortunately we are not America.” And yet it is enough to belong to a minority in any country to be murdered. All you have to do is be an immigrant, refugee, lgbtq + person, woman, anarchist, and you can get on the floor, too, and you can get beaten until you leave your last breath. As long as you belong to the oppressed of this world, your life has no value. As long as you fight against the bankrupt system of oppression and exploitation, you can get into the murderous target of the authorities and the law. As long as the killer wears a uniform and their act is not considered blamable. Right now, Derek Chavin, the
policeman who killed George Floyd, (like his accomplices in the Thomas Lane murder, Tao and Alexander Kweng murder) is free and no legal proceedings have been initiated against him. Looks like for a while he’s just going to have to replace the cop’s clay with the hood of Ku Klux Klan. Shift change.

Police everywhere in the world are a medley of armored racists and murderers. And that is exactly what the state itself wants to be the police, so that it can effectively carry out the task it is charged with: torture the weak and protect the strong. George Floyd and Jacques Costopoulos had an audience — they belonged to the class and shared social identities that the dominant paradigm hates. The state and its police will continue to step on the neck to death of the weak and impoverished while society records the killings on its mobile phone, instead of rebelling against its oppressors. Because the fact that no one has reacted, possibly fearing the uncontrolled violence of the police, means that the police’s authority is not afraid of anyone and continues to run over the oppressed. The uprising is a one-way street for social self-defense and the attack against police brutality and death order of the state.

For George Floyd, Jacques Costopoulos, Eleni Topaloudi..For Alexis Grigoropoulos and the Turkish hunger strikes…



Group for social anarchism “Black & Red”, member of Anarchist Political Organisation