ANARCHIST MEETING For The Struggle Against Borders, War And Modern Totalitarianism



For the Struggle against Borders, War
and Modern Totalitarianism


THESSALONIKI (Aristotle University)
JULY 15-24, 2016

During the No Border Camp


The road to establishing modern totalitarianism passes through:

– Raising the impenetrable walls of Fortress-Europe, murdering migrants and refugees at the borders and fences

– Building concentration camps, intensifying repression against the uprooted and trapping thousands of them in the entry corridors

– Declaring a permanent State of Emergency, attempting to militarize and fascistisize society

– Generalizing the war that State and Capitalism are waging globally against societies in order to fully control and subjugate them.


…The road to a society of solidarity, equality and freedom passes through:

– Resistance against the murderous plans of State and Capitalism

– Solidarity with the poor and the revolted worldwide

– Social and class self-organization of locals and migrants against poverty, misery, fear, racism, state and fascist terrorism.

– Constant struggle for international social revolution, anarchy and libertarian communism.


with refugees and migrants


for life and dignity

 Anarchist Political Organisation (APO)
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