Announcement by Mundo Nuevo squat in Thessaloniki regarding the imminent intervention of the district attorney against the squat


Announcement by Mundo Nuevo squat in Thessaloniki regarding the imminent
intervention of the district attorney against the squat

Another suppressive attack is being initiated against Mundo Nuevo squat. As we have
recently been informed, the Municipality of Thermi, the owner of the building where the squat is housed, has come to an agreement with OKANA in order to concede it to the organization, which, in turn, aspires to transform it into a second chance school for drug addicts.

For us, what is happening, is more important than obvious. In the context of “rationationalistic” oppression that SYRIZA has put forward, they attempt to exploit some sensitivities that we, as anarchists have in reference to vulnerable social groups.
In this way, they are attempting to detach an important tool of the anarchist
revolutionary movement. So, while the government is attacking its fiercest enemies, the
anarchists, at the same time, they are trying to pose a progressive profile by declaring that
these attacks serve a good cause. Of course nobody can be fooled! We know very well what
they aim at. It is the same government that congratulates the riot police when they attack the anarchist blocks, such as the attack on the demonstration of the 17th of November in Athens, the one that pretends to scold the police, while, at the same time, they send them to attack the educators’ demonstrations. It’s the government that prolongs the memorandums, plunders thewealth, intensifies the class differences and goes hand in hand with the dangerous plans that NATO has for the area. As people who support the squats and as anarchists we defend and we fight for the construction of schools and other structures that help the drug addicts. Of coursewe can perceive the hypocrisy of the state when, on the one hand it employs every means to push people to desperation and drugs, the police allows the drug dealings and collaborates with the mobs who have flooded the city centre, they collaborate with ship owners-mobs who transport heroin by Noor1, and, on the other hand, they pretend to provide welfare for the victims. There are thousands of empty buildings where the state could put up its play of guilt, but they chose the one that constitutes a structure of the anarchist struggle.

The state tries to exploit the drug addicts again to serve specific repressive political causes. No one will fall in this trap! We bluntly declare to the Municipality of Thermi and OKANA and to every other concerned institution, that our eviction from the building can only happen with the use ofviolence by the police forces. There is not a chance that we will collaborate with them! They should not even think about it, except if they want to take over the responsibility to call the police and arrest the fighters. If they prefer this solution, we call them to think of the consequences of this action very thoroughly.

Even if all these institutions that speak in the name of solidarity and help, choose the
way of violence, we aim to retrieve the building in any way and to block every other function expect the one it already has; the promotion and the support of social and class struggles, the solidarity with the poor and the oppressed in order to create a world of equality and freedom without drugs, authorities, cops and judges. The world of struggle against everything that smashes us is the chance for all oppressed people to avoid addictions.


Mundo Nuevo squat (Thessaloniki)