Announcement on the mobilizations against the G20 summit in Hamburg


Announcement on the mobilizations against the G20 summit in Hamburg

The G20 summit in Germany and the city of Hamburg turned into an international event for grassroots resistance, due to the presence of thousands of protesters in the city’s streets. The choice of organizing this meeting at a major city in Germany was from the beginning a display of power from the side of the dominants. According to the German Councellor: “We cannot say that there are certain places that we are not able to do this”. Those who are responsible for the impoverishment and oppression of billions of people gathered near a place filled with historical symbolisms for the struggle and close to the squat Rote Flora, in order to validate and plan the intensification of their attack but also to declare that they have won the war against the plebeian. Through the location of the summit and their declared will for an undisturbed presence there, they attempted to present the resistance there as trivial and without central political importance.  

They were miserably disproved, as the central political event of these days was not the meetings and the luxurious dinners of the global political elite under the protection of an oppressive army of 20,000 cops. It was the battles and the barricades, the demonstrations and the clashes, which proved that the state and capitalist dictatorship reigns but does not rule. They proved that the orders of the global dominance can be imposed only due to the violence exercised by their armies. The gun shootings in the air, the harsh attacks on the blocks of resistance, the arrests and injuries infuriate us, while, at the same time, they consist a huge political loss for the global dominants, as they have cracked the fake image of consent to their commands and ridiculed their democratic facade.

History continues to be written on the streets and the effort to impose modern totalitarianism collides with the existing social and class forces which are the real source of the struggles. The poverty, the impoverishment, the fear which are imposed from this minority of political and economic dominants. G20 summit represented this condition, this imposition and the classes in Hamburg expressed the intentions and the rage of a much larger number of people than those who were there during the mobilizations against the summit.  Those who suffocate under the state and capitalist regime are too many and they turn their attention towards the struggle against the dominants. They are the ones we want to meet in the streets of resistance, to address to and to organize. In order to prevent the dark prospect of a generalized authoritarian war and to build as many communities of struggle as possible.  So that the struggles in international meetings and local resistances could  acquire their corresponding potential, this of the International from below, which will set in the central political agenda, besides the resistance to state and capitalist dictatorship, its destruction and the organization of the world from below based on the principles of equality, freedom and mutual aid.

In this path, every step opens the possibility for the next one. The battles of Prague and Geneva, the December 2008, the riots in France and Ferguson, the barricades in Istanbul and the paths of Chiapas, Rojava, the movement NoDapl, the strikes, the antifascist patrols, the squats, the raised fists. This is our great world and it is coming to wipe out the decayed world of authority. This is the world which offers the only perspective to the billions of poor, impoverished and hunted, to all of us. The life of the struggle for equality and freedom.


Solidarity to those who were arrested during the mobilizations of G20 in Hamburg and to all those who struggle against  

the global dominance of the State and Capitalism

Organization and Struggle for Anarchy and Libertarian Communism


“Circle of Fire” – Member of Anarchist Political Organization/Federation of Collectives


July 2017