prisoner in the French prisons for 32 years

G. Abdallah became politically active in the early 1970’s, still at a young age, as a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and later he participated in the establishment of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction (LARF). Until his arrest he fought against the state of Israel and the Israeli occupation of a large part of Palestinian territory and south Lebanon.

G. Abdallah was arrested in France in 1984 and during his custody he was sentenced to life in prison for the execution of an American military and an Israeli agent. During his long imprisonment, he sustained a consistent militant and fighting stance by taking part in hunger strikes in solidarity with prisoners in white cells in Turkey, with Basque and Palestinian political prisoners and he kept talking and fighting for the freedom of Palestine from Israeli occupation. Although he has been eligible for conditional release since 1999, all his requests have been rejected by the state of France aligning with the vengeful demands of the U.S.A. state and Israel for him to remain imprisoned due to his militant stance all these years.

On 24 October Abdallah completed 32 years in prison because he stood with all his power beside the just struggle of the Palestinian people, because he stood against the Israeli occupation and the crimes committed by the Israeli state and its allies, because he keeps fighting against exploitation and oppression.

We stand in solidarity with all the oppressed throughout the globe who fight for freedom, equality and dignity. And we won’t let any fighter in the hands of the state.

“…liberty,  …is the only human adventure worth striving and living for”
E. Goldman

Anarchist Collective “Circle of Fire” / member of Anarchist Political Organisation (APO) -Federation of Collectives
October 2016