Internationalist Solidarity will sweep the fascist threat in the Balkans

Πολιτικό Κάλεσμα στην Αντιφασιστική Διαδήλωση στη Βουλγαρία (Σόφια) στις 17 Φλεβάρη 2018

Internationalist Solidarity will sweep the fascist threat in the Balkans

In a global level the state and capitalistic machine attempts to escalate the inequalities, the oppression and exploitation. Aiming to increase its power and its control, the modern totalitarianism does not hesitate to create war conflicts in the periphery, while it continues the onset against the plebeians in the West. In this tornado of the growing insecurity, are being developed

racist and bigoted narratives of fascist groups, which are an inseparable part of the whole movement of the power system.

In the U.S. the fascists murder openly in Charlottesville in order to terrorize the antifascist movement, while the police executes colored people in the streets. In France, the social-democratic management makes the situation of Emergency permanent with Special Forces of the Army and the Police in the squares, while at the same time it imposes new anti-labour and anti-social policies of restructuring. The most extreme right-wing governments of Hungary, Czech Republic and Balkan countries are tightening up the racist dogma of fortress-Europe in a national level, by expelling refugees and immigrants.. In Austria, the fascists are in the government. In Bulgaria, a new right wing government has given places to extreme right wings, bringing up nationalistic conflicts and solidifying its anti-immigrant policy, while in Turkey, the permanent Emergency Rule in the interior of the country is completed with the invasion in the territories of Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

In Greece, with the resurgence of the Macedonic debate, according to NATO’ s orders, SYRIZA appears to be the most effective dealer of the objectives of the urban class and the national organizations, while a wide audience gathers around nationalism.  The whole political system builds on the promoted nationalism the suitable profile which will allow to the representatives of the dominating arc, to star in the next period.

The promotion of nationalism and racism, the attack to anarchists, strikers and fighters, increase the exploitation and the oppression by helping subjectively and directly the development and the reinforcement of the fascist and neo –nazi groupings.

Everywhere in the world, the role of fascists is the same; to do the dirty business in order to better serve the interests of the powerful, to cultivate the hate towards the poor people of other regions, to disorientate and to prepare the plebeians for another mass slaughter in a future war conflict.

Every year, in Sofia Bulgaria takes place a fascist march to honor the fascist general Hristo Lukov, who was executed by the rebel Violeta Yakova in 13 February 1943. This march is organized by a series of neo-nazi parties and organizations, such as Bulgarian National Union etc. This march is the top manifestation of fascism in Bulgaria and every year representatives from fascist and nazi parties from other European countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, and Sweden) are participating.

For us, as anarchists, the resistance against the advance of the modern totalitarianism and fascism should have a factual and internationalist character. It is impossible to fight against the globalized capitalism and fascism only in Greece. It is of vital importance the development of contacts and the factual solidarity among comrades in neighboring countries as well as in a wide international level. The Anarchist Political Organization, based on a previous decision supported dynamically the antifascist demonstration that took place the previous February in Sofia. About 50 comrades from Greece were in Sofia to demonstrate against fascism and to support the comrades there, who the last years are trying to build embankments to the constant promotion of fascism, to create structures and resistances against the attack of the state, the fascists and the mobs. The demonstration achieved its purpose as it managed to gather a lot of people and to become a visible mark of resistance against the diffusion of fascist hate. Armed with dynamic and determination, we tried to approach the 20 fascists who were gathered against our demonstration and we made them remain silent and to protect themselves behind the police forces. The next months, in Sofia a social space was opened, offering larger dynamic to the social and class struggles. Recently, the comrades participated in the mass demonstrations that took place there, against the environmental destruction that the Bulgarian state prepares in the area of Bansko.

The social movement in Bulgaria was actually destroyed by the state socialism and had to confront from the very first moment the nationalist and fascist groups which were regrouped after the collapse in 1991. Today, the support of the antifascist movement in Bulgaria is of vital importance in order to be able to fight against the fascist threat and the social and class resistances to rise against nationalist and capitalistic orders. That’s the reason why the APO call this year too collectives and people to respond to this call for participation in the demonstration of the 17th February in Sofia, Bulgaria

For the reinforcement of the common internationalist struggles! For the Balkans of equality, solidarity and mutual respect! For the Social Revolution, Libertarian Communism and Anarchy!