Against the bleak prospect of the establishment of modern totalitarianism

On a global level the state and capital machine is attempting to increase inequalities, oppression and exploitation. Aiming to increase its power and control, modern totalitarianism does not hesitate to incite warfare in the periphery while attacking the plebeians in the West.

The politically, economically and ethically bankrupt system, having nothing left to promise besides wars, exclusions, degradation, shields itself against the prospect of a dynamic expression of  general social discontent, both locally and globally. The general crisis in the world of the state and the bosses, leads with mathematical accuracy – unless a broad international struggle and resistance front is formed – to societies in conflict, to the generalization and intensification of geopolitical rivalries and warfare to the point even of a great war and to the establishment of the emergency regime as an iron net for the control and suppression of every aspect of social activity.

In this context, racism and bigotry find the soil to grow and through them the counterrevolutionary extreme right and fascist facet of modern totalitarianism is constructed as a barrier to the evolution of social history that moves forward through the unending struggle for freedom and equality. During global destabilization and turmoil in the constants of the political system, is when the big opportunities for revolutionary emancipation are born. Already lining against them is war and fascism, which are the “answer” of the system to its total and deep crisis, to its own contradictions deriving from the incurable conflict imposed by its basic principle, the exploitation and oppression from human to human.

The state and capital restructuring in Greece over the last years has taken the form of a sweeping attack against society and its resistances. The intensification of poverty and degradation, the looting and destruction of the natural world and local communities, the confinement of refugees and immigrants in concentration camps under despicable conditions, the state repression, the incitement of fascist gangs and the oppression campaign against those who struggle are part of the altogether attack of the state and bosses. The current leftist government has proven to be the most reliable and effective manager and representative of the interests of the state and ruling elite, loyally serving the objectives of the state and capital restructuring.    

The last months with the resurgence of the Macedonian debate, according to the NATO commands, SYRIZA (the governing party) continues to appear as the most effective promoter of the pursuits of the bourgeoisie and the international organizations. At the same time a broad audience is gathering around nationalist and bigoted deliriums incited and directed by the deep state which ventures to form the fascist rearguard of the system in the face of both the potential collapse of the superimposed but fragile social peace within the country and the escalation of the intense antagonisms within the unstable geopolitical environment of the Balkans and south-east Mediterranean. The political system in its entirety is building, on the incited nationalism, the right profile which will enable the representatives of the ruling spectrum to play a leading role in the period ahead.  

The social and class struggles of the oppressed around the world lead the way to the complete social emancipation and give inspiration to the constant struggle for social revolution.

Through the organized political presence and action in the existing fronts of the struggle and through the creation of new ones, we fight in order to build bridges between real social needs and desires and the anarchist worldview and practice, so that the resistances can become springboards for the social and class emancipation.   

The bleak prospect of the establishment of modern totalitarianism can only be threatened by the flames of the social and class struggles of the plebeians, the excluded, the oppressed of the world. These struggles must be reinforced by means of their interconnection and development of strong solidarity ties as well as their generalization to the direction of the total overthrow of the state and capital and the vision of a new world of Equality, Justice, Freedom. It is from these struggles of our era, from the dynamic resistance that we draw inspiration to continue. 

*   From the mobilizations in solidarity with refugees and immigrants against the concentration camps and the state of exclusion, the racist and murderous policies of Fortress Europe, against borders and war.

*   From the struggles of internationalist solidarity against states, nationalism, war and fascism and the building of fighting barriers against nationalist gatherings

*  From the antifascist mobilizations and actions to the “regional battles” in the city neighborhoods against parastatal assault troops.

*   From the struggles for the defense of nature and the survival of local communities (like in Skouries, Halkidiki and Acheloos river), against the looting schemes of the state and bosses in the name of either development or green development.

*   From the strikes and the demonstrations against the constant looting of the social majority and the struggles for the defense of class achievements like the one against the abolishment of the Sunday day off work, under conditions of generalized employers’ terrorism and towards the creation of a dynamic grass root labor unionism.

 *  From the struggles against social exclusions, the commercialization and control in the public transportations, the actions to block home evictions due to debts.

*   From the dynamic mobilizations against drug mafias, state and social cannibalism in the neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens, as a ground of movement culture and of historical symbolic significance for the Struggle.

*  From the struggles for the defense of squats and self-organized spaces from state and parastatal attacks, as integral points of reference of the anarchist and antiauthoritarian movement and of the struggle for social revolution.

*   From the struggle against patriarchy, one of the foundations of the state and capitalist system and a basic element of its social reproduction, and against its modern expressions – like the outbreak of gender violence and exploitation in the workplace, trafficking and the conditions suffered by women refugees in their uprooting journey and in their confinement in concentration camps.

 *   From the demonstrations against local and international domination and the mobilizations for the 1st of May and the December 2008 and Polytechnic University 1973 revolts to the mobilizations of internationalist solidarity with all those who fight against state and capitalist brutality in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, France, the USA, Palestine, Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan.

The struggles in every corner of the globe dictate to us that against the international attack of the state and capital, the key objective should be the International of the people from below, the International of Struggles and Anarchy.

Libertarian Festival for internationalist, social and class solidarity in Athens, 5-6-7 July 2018.

By organizing the Libertarian Festival, the Anarchist Political Organization aims to create a venue for public political and cultural meeting, communication and interaction among the social and class struggles developed from below and the intervention of the anarchist and libertarian political proposals.

The themes of the political events and presentations will have to do with the whole range of social competition: labor struggles and major strikes, struggles of internationalist solidarity, anti-fascist struggles and solidarity with refugees and immigrants, resistance to the state’s repression and the state of emergency, the struggle against patriarchy and sexist violence, the struggle against the pillage of nature. At the same time, we aim to create a space where as many people as possible will have the chance to come into contact with the anarchist struggle for a society of equality and freedom through discussions, book presentations, photo and documentary exhibitions, theatrical performances and concerts.

Thus, we will have the opportunity to highlight the perceptions, practices, struggles, political proposals and positions of the anarchists on a series of issues of the political and social reality of our time; to create a public forum where we will get to know and to present struggle experiences and political conclusions from resistances that break out both in Greece and internationally, far from each other, but they really are fronts of struggle against common enemies, with a common perspective on social liberation.

Against the barbarism of war and modern totalitarianism on a global scale (restructuring, state of emergency, exception regime, pillage of nature, ongoing war operations and constant preparations for new ones), we as anarchists have to propose the weapons of social, class and internationalist solidarity, recognizing that now more than ever is so important for the social strugglers to communicate internationally and to organize our common struggle against the attack of the common enemy.  In every open front of the social and class struggle, against the aggression of the state and capital, we have to attempt to radicalize the struggles through their connection with the universal social vision of social and class emancipation, proposing the only realistic way out for the oppressed, the organization of the struggle for social revolution, anarchy and libertarian communism.



 April 2018

 Anarchist Political Organization – Federation of Collectives