Political Declaration of the 2nd Congress of the Anarchist Political Organization


Political Declaration of the 2nd Congress of the Anarchist Political Organization


On November the 26 and 27, the second congress of the Anarchist Political Organization took place in Patras. On the first day, the congress began with the process of an open political review and outcome of the presence and the activity of A.P.O. in the anarchist movement, as well with a discussion on the organizational structure and the experience of its operation; subsequently, there was an update of the strategy and positions in relation to the political situation and the evaluation of the institutions and initiatives of the Organization.


The conclusions and observations of the collectives-members after the first year of the organization’s operation came from the common basis of our constitution; from the notion that A.P.O., as an organic part of the broader movement against state and capitalist barbarity, attempts to overcome the partial and reflective protest(refers to it and attempts to create a ground for the overcoming of partial and reflective protest) in order to create a broad anarchist revolutionary proposal, drawing inspiration from the struggles of today. Struggles that, despite the overall decline of social and class resistance, create barriers against the imposition of modern totalitarianism, keeping the path open for social and class counter attack.


That’s the path that the politically, economically and ethically bankrupt system wants to close, and for that it shields itself against the prospect of a dynamic expression of general social discontent, both topically and globally. The general crisis of the (capitalistic) state and bosses world leads mathematically to conflicting societies, to the generalization and intensification of geopolitical rivalries and warfare to the limits of a great war and to the establishment of emergency regime for the control and suppression of every aspect of social activity; only a broad and strong struggle movement can stop this.


The collapse of all those “visions” of development and consuming, the intensification of the international political crisis that comes as a result, the huge gap between the impoverished social majority and the transnational political and economic elites, the intensification of the exploitation of workers and the disintegration of social and class conquests, is the only way to the state and capitalist dictatorship, which can’t convince major social parts, no matter how much they still try to manipulate them by using pseudo-leftish dilemmas.


This weakness of the state-capitalist system to derive consensus in its plans and policies, will soon be visible and usable for the oppressed to the extent that they can socially and class organize in collectives and unions to take their lives back in their hands. It will be a starting point for the anarchist movement, if it can overcome restrictions imposed by organizational deficiencies and distortions of its political values ​​and contents. We want the organized political presence and action in the existing movements and the establishment of new ones to become the bridge between real social needs and anarchist ideology and practice, so that the resistances will become the springboards for social and class emancipation.


During global destabilization and turmoil in the constants of the political system , is when the big opportunities for revolutionary emancipation are born. Already lining against them is the counterrevolutionary extreme right and fascist facet of modern totalitarianism as a barrier to the evolution of social history that moves forward through the unending struggle for freedom and equality. War and fascism, that is the “answer” of the system to its total and deep crisis , to its own contradictions deriving from the incurable conflict imposed by its basic principle, the exploitation and oppression from human to human.

The hierarchically structured affinities that this basic principle of inequality and absence of freedom produces, separates societies according to class, nationality, color of skin and sex. Patriarchy still is one of the foundations of the world of power and a basic element of its social reproduction in the form of social cannibalism. Its modern expressions – like the outbreak of gender violence, the increase of women exploitation in the workplace, the human trafficking of women immigrants, the tougher conditions that women refugees in their uprooting journey and their confinement in concentration camps face – are intensified  as the attack of the dominants against the social body is intensified, aiming to deepen the inequalities even more. In these conditions, women’s struggle for their liberation from the shackles of patriarchy is more than ever an integral part of the wider struggle, in the direction of total abolition of state and capitalist imposition, towards social revolution.

At these times of state and bosses’ attack zenith, the basic pillars of the formation of the world of power are attempting to transfer the decay of the state, capitalistic and patriarchal way of organization to society. The spread of racism and the promotion of social fascistization, come as a continuation of the institutional establishment of the state of exception for the persecuted and the outcasts, their labeling as “surplus population”, their imprisonment in concentration camps and the construction of walls of Fortress- Europe.


Over the last months in Greece the attempt to isolate and ghettoize of tens of thousands of immigrants and refugees initially built on a so-called “humanitarian” alibi to justify their social and political isolation, is taking today the form of an overt attack by state and parastatal forces.  The oppressive operation against squats hosting refugees has been an important point where the “political management” of the destructive consequences of the warfare and looting of the capitalist periphery, revealed its true face through the process of fierce subjugation of the refugees and immigrants who suffer under terrible conditions in the concentration camps of Democracy. The ideological and oppressive attack against non-intermediary solidarity opens the path for social fascistization. The oppressive operations and the racist delirium on the media were accompanied by the outburst of fascist attacks both against refugees and immigrants and against the spaces of the struggle.

 This is a coordinated attack on the part of the regime forces in order for racist cannibalism to prevail the social field and dynamic active resistance to be broken. And it is in this attack as well as in the overall intensification of exploitation that the current political management has contributed drastically having the main share of responsibility for spreading defeatism and disappointment and weakening resistance. This attack is the expression of the state and parastatal mob’s constant pursuit for those who refuse to accept the destruction of their lives through the intensification of labor exploitation, the fear of unemployment, the individualized misery to keep their heads down.

Their purpose is to make acceptable a reality where the vast majority will be deprived of granted social rights like housing, healthcare, heating while the streets are taken by marching militarized oppression forces. So as the absurdity of exhausting and destroying nature to be considered granted. So that social and class movements to be crashed, and especially the anarchist movement against which an oppressive campaign is being prepared seeking not only to restrict and inhibit it but also to cause it devastating strikes since it is recognized as a real threat for the uninhibited imposition of labor camps conditions on society planned by the political and financial elites.

The bleak prospect of the establishment of modern totalitarianism can only be threatened by the flames of the struggles, which we want to strengthen and generalize. It is from these struggles of our era, from the dynamic resistance that we draw inspiration to continue.

  • From the mobilizations in solidarity with refugees and immigrants throughout Greece against borders and war.
  • The anti-fascist actions from Oraiokastro, Thessaloniki and eastern Macedonia and the islands of the Aegean to the fight for “territory” in the neighborhoods of the cities against parastatal assault troops.
  • From the struggles for the defense of nature and the survival of local communities in Skouries, Halkidiki and Acheloos river, which can expect nothing from mediators’ misleading and hollow promises and which can develop on the basis of self-organized solidarity.
  • From the dynamic mobilizations organized by the Assembly for the Re-appropriation of Exarcheia against drug mafias, state and social cannibalism, which revitalize resistance and movement culture in a region of historical symbolic significance for the Struggle.
  • From the actions to block ongoing home evictions due to debts, which is a field of social and class self-defense with its own confronting content towards those who attempt to use it as a vote tank.
  • From the strikes and the blockades for the defense of class achievements like the one against the abolishment of Sunday- off work, under conditions of generalized employers’ terrorism and towards the creation of a self-organized grass root labor unionism.
  • From the demonstrations against local and international domination and the mobilizations for the 1st of May and the December 2008 and Polytechnic University 1973 revolts. From the internationalist solidarity and all those who struggle in Mexico, France, USA, Turkey.

 The struggles in every corner of the globe dictate to us what should stand against the international attack of the state and capital, and that is the International of the people from below, the International of Struggles and Anarchy.

 Against the decayed world of the dominants’ attack we have the solidarity of our common struggles to counter. Against the dystopia of Modern Totalitarianism, where the vast majority is being subjugated and convicted in destitution, we counter the libertarian society, organized through federal social councils for “everyone’s freedom and equality for all”.




Anarchist Political Organization -Federation of Collectives- December 2016