Report from anti-war actions and mobilizations of the Anarchist Political Organization in Athens and Thessaloniki


[excerpt from anti-war declaration]

[…] The savage attack that societies are currently experiencing, in conditions of deep and comprehensive systemic crisis and the delegalization of the political system worldwide, escalates and emerges both the irremediable contradictions of the state-capitalist model of organization, and the absolute inability to produce from above any coherent social vision, perspective and hope. The roots of this ever-increasing aggression lie in the very nature of the oppressive and exploitative system.

[…]As it has been shown in Ukraine, peace does not lie in the voluntary embrace with one or the other imperialist pole, nor in making whole countries into protectorates. Peace lies in the common internationalist struggle against the rules, against the bosses either of the East or the West, it lies in the cohabitation of the peoples who have nothing to divide. Peace does not lie in nationalism, military armaments, battalions and armored brigades. Today, when the weaponry systems of the sovereign can inflict huge losses on the downstream, more than ever the old famous cry of internationalism is once again relevant and evergreen: PROLETARIANS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

We should show no trust at all in anyone holding up the flag of proletarian internationalism – and only this one!

On February 28, we intervened as a group against patriarchy– Anarchist Political Organization (Athens) outside the Parliament posting banners, throwing flyers and shouting slogans against war, the state and capital, against nationalism, militarism and patriarchy.



On the morning of 1 March as the local coordination of Thessaloniki (APO) we conducted simultaneous anti-war interventions with banners, slogans and flyers outside the consulates of Russia and the USA.


On the afternoon of 1 March we called and participated, forming an anarchist block , in the anti-war demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki with the central slogan “Neither with Russia nor with NATO- Long live the world proletariat”. In Thessaloniki there was preceded a microphone gathering and intervention at a central point of the city.


On 10 March we called, participated and marched as a block in the anti-war demonstration held in the city of Thessaloniki.


On March 12, as the local coordination of Athens (APO), we organized a gathering in Monastiraki against the war, the states, capitalism, fascism and imperialism.


On 15 March as a local coordination of Athens (APO) we called and participated with our own block in the anti-war demonstration that started from Monastiraki and moved on the main streets of the city until it reached Syntagma square and Propylaea.

Finally, we published a declaration and poster against the war, while at the same time it was carried out by the Assembly for Libertarian Communism “Libertatia” (member of APO) a collection of basic necessities to be sent to the borders of Ukraine

It is our duty as anarchist revolutionaries to fight for the strengthening of the leaderless character of the anti-war movement that will fight for the right of the oppressed as opposed to the hypocritical calls of liberals who try to exploit humanity to fuel it for their new war plans. Against the dystopia of modern totalitarianism, where the great majority impoverishes and subjugated, we should propose the libertarian society that is organized through the federated social councils “for the Freedom of Everyone and the Equality of All“.

Anarchist Political Organization – Federation of Collectives