Solidarity with refugees and immigrants


The powerful have divided the world. They have decided that only a few will be on top and they will decide on behalf of us all and most of the people will be at the bottom and should do what they say. At the same the states and the elites built a world-prison for all from the below, immigrants, refugees and locals.

The western states, in order to become even stronger,along with their allies they continue to destroy the societies in the Middle East and exploit the countries and the people of northern Africa by continuous war conflicts.

Theytrigger wars in the periphery of capitalism to steal the natural resources that exist there and belong to the local populations (oil, precious metals and stones) , to destroy their societies and economies, to control the regions which are useful to them either as commercial routes or due to their strategic importance.

The western states forge alliances or collaborations with formations like ISIS. in order to serve their own interests (that were mentioned above). Like all similar authoritarian structures, the western states and ISIS urge for war and destruction, they want to make people and societies poor, impoverished and defeated to perpetuate their existence and to continue to develop.

The states of the US and Europe continue to kill people,either by bombs or hunger, and when the life of the ones from below becomes intolerable in the places they were born and they are forced to move to other places, in the west, they drown them in the Mediterranean, they murder them in the borders, they build fences to prevent them from entering Europe. However, even in the center of Europe, war exists but in another form. The salaries of those from below who live there are constantly decreasing. Even fewer have access to medical care and education. And those who struggle for a better life are attacked by the police, while the powerful ones use even the army to frighten the people here.

Those from above use to say that there is no other way for this world to exist. However, they mean the capitalistic world. The one who keeps them strong and allows them to remain on top, while the majority will be poor, will be killed or die of hunger for the interests of the rich minority.

Against the plans of the powerful, who believe that our lives belong to them, who want us to feel defeated and helpless, we must unite all from below; locals, refugees and immigrants and demand better living conditions for all. We demand the immediateopening of borders, free transportation for all…The closure of concentration camps and the demolition of fences. We fight in the present and endlessly till the end of this prison-society and the destruction of the capitalistic world.

As anarchists we say: there is no solution inside capitalism. Altogether we must rebel against authority and its repression. Despite nationality, religion, gender or place of origin, we must fight against the injustice of the powerful and reclaim our dignity and life.

The only way for the ones from below, the exploited andthe repressed of this world is the way of social revolution for the end of capitalism. In order to build a world of equality, solidarity and freedom.For anarchy and libertarian communism.





Anarchist Political Organisation (APO)-Federation of Collectives |