Statement of Internationalist Solidarity for the 85 years since the Spanish Revolution



On July 19th 1936, the sirens of the factories in Barcelona do not sound for the beginning of the shift. It is the agreed signal of the Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo – CNT for the action of factory committees towards the confederation’s defense committees. The fascist army, having previously neutralized the government of Catalonia (which refused to provide CNT with arms), invades the city. CNT, FAI and Libertarian Youth have already organized the social and class defense, by expropriating weapons, which are distributed to the organized proletariat. Barricades are built, while thanks to information gathered by CNT-FAI it is known to the revolutionaries as to when the fascist army would attack the city. . Throughout Spain, where the people follow the indications of the CNT and FAI by arming themselves and denying trust in state institutions, the pronouncement of the generals is defeated. In three years of civil war, the only victories of the republic (liberation of Aragon, liberation of Teruel) show the decisive contribution of the confederal militias.

The worker and agrarian communes became a reality, CNT and FAI managed what from that point on is no longer inconceivable. Social and class emancipation, a society of federated communities, the world of libertarian communism is not just the most beautiful idea, it is a fact which was realized in Spain by the people in arms during the Revolution.

Today, 85 years after the Social Revolution in Spain, the politically, ideologically, morally and economically bankrupt system, having nothing else to promise but wars, exclusion and impoverishment, has been preparing itself against the prospect of a dynamic expression of the generalized social discontent, both locally and internationally. This is a period when the states and the bosses are fiercely attempting to impose on the social majority their narrative on the “end of history”. They are striving to convince in every way possible that there is no other alternative for human societies but the one in which the great social majority will be forced to live stigmatized by poverty, hardship, disease, wars and destruction. The state and capitalist machine escalates inequality, repression and exploitation, while the deadly pandemic of covid-19 that operates as an accelerator of the systemic crisis is used for the intensification of this generalized attack against society and its resistance.

The authority is waging this full-scale attack with the aim to control human societies, to impose absolute power on them, to loot nature and all its resources. From Syria to the US, from Istanbul to Western Europe and South America, the political and economic bosses have targeted the exploited and the repressed, foreshadowing even more repression, plunder and death.

Against the state and capitalist attack, social and class resistance from below emerges and raises barricades in every corner of the earth. From the demonstrations, the self-organized and unmediated forms of struggle, the strikes, the occupations and the clashes with the repressive forces of the political and economic bosses to the revolts, which are sending the message of constant resistance and the Revolutions that continue to remind us that history has not ended, that the creation of another society in which there will be no exploitation of one human being by another is possible.

These struggles form the mosaic of resistance, hold the thread of the idea of social emancipation through time and prepare the ground for gobal Social Revolution.

Solidarity with the Zapatistas and the rebelious communities in Chiapas, which after the revolt of 1994 are building their autonomy, while being under constant state and parastatal attacks that led also to the murder ofSimón Pedro Pérez López, member of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and member of the Civil Society Las Abejas of Acteal, by paramilitaries connected to drug mafias.

Solidarity with the people who struggle in Chile, with the political prisoners of the revolt and the indigenous communities of Mapuche, who have been fighting against the seizure of their lands and have been facing the repressive violence of the Chilean state, with most recent event the murder of a 29 year old Mapuche Pablo Marchant, by the Carabineros, in the Carahue commune, in the La Araucanía Region on July 10th.

Solidarity with the revolted peoples of Colombia that have been fighting on the streets since the 28th of April till this day, in spite of the murderous state violence, the tortures, the arrests, the shootings and the rapes against demonstrators.

Solidarity with fighting Palestine against the racist state of Israel and the modern apartheid which has been imposed through the violent attacks of the state repressive forces against the Palestinians, the operations of expelling them from their lands, the embargo in Gaza, the wall that has been built around it, repression exercised by the same authorities that govern the Palestinian territories the lack of basic goods and healthcare, the military posts, the arrests, the tortures, the murders by snipers and the bombings.

Solidarity with the people in Myanmar who have revolted against the military coup of February 1st and, in spite of the hundreds who have died and have been wounded, are resisting through strikes and demonstrations,through the combative stand of the militias that have been created for the self-defence of the repressed and with the anarchists being at have been on the frontline of the social clashes.

Solidarity with the anarchists hit by the repression also for their participation in struggle movements, in Belarus, Greece, Myanmar, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba and many other countries of the world.

Solidarity with Rojava, where the revolted people are fighting for democratic confederalism and not the formation of another nation-state, replacing the preexisting repression with a new one, on the same day of Spanish Revolution after 76 years. By placing at its core ecology and woman emancipation and creating a multicultural identity, it brings together Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and other populations. It builds structures of social organization and self-defence against state, capitalist and fascist attacks. It resists to the continuous war operations and the military invasions of the Turkish state.

Solidarity with the indigenous peoples of the Americas who are still struggling against the seizure of their lands by the states, in order to be exploited by the capital, from North America and Canada, to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, despite of the persecutions, imprisonments and murders against them.



Anarchist Political Organization-Federation of Collectives (APO- Greece) • Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (DAF- Turkey) • Federazione Anarchica Italiana- Commissione relazioni internazionali (FAI – Italy)