Today’s attack on society is the result of the endless effort made by the state and bosses to transform it into a sweat-shop and a prison. Within conditions of an overall profound systemic crisis and de-legitimation of the political system, this attack is escalating. In the process, it is revealing the incurable contradictions of the state-capitalist organizational structure, as much as the absolute weakness to produce from above any coherent social vision, perspective or hope.

The roots of this intensifying aggressiveness lie in the very nature of the oppressive and exploitative system. The need of authority to go deeper and further triggers an attempt to control every human activity, in order to have society completely subjugated to state and capitalist imperatives. The state and capitalist system is built on the irrationality of social and class oppression, using all means to perpetuate itself and therefore to perpetuate the destructive effects inflicted upon society and nature. Its decay, so evident nowadays, is not a result of the multiform crisis. On the contrary, this crisis is a result of the system’s profound decay and bankruptcy, not only in social and political terms but also in terms of values.

In this context, individual state and capitalist entities in the West, regardless of the political and financial administration in charge, share a common direction: the campaign to impose modern totalitarianism; an operation to shield the regime in order to ensure its uninterrupted perpetuation and establish a new impersonal absolutism, imposing a reality where the elites enjoy a lifestyle of outrageous luxuries while billions of people are condemned to unbearable living conditions – even devastating ones for those who are excluded and treated as “dispensable” – forcing them to live as slaves.

Authority responds to the upsurge of social dissent by trying to uproot resistance and turn society into a galley. This upsurge of dissent is arising – and will continue to do so – from the system’s unresolved and fundamental contradiction: the contrast between the many who are deprived of the possibility to decide on their lives and the few who appropriate it. It is a contradiction between the real potential of society for creativity through mutual aid and free coexistence, on the one hand, and the suffocating restrictions and distortions imposed on social relations by the state and the bosses, on the other.

The latest restructuring process of the state and capitalist world accelerated in the beginning of the ’90s, with the “eastern bloc” collapsing and the western bloc of power renewing its aggressiveness both in the capitalist periphery and within western societies. Declarations about “the End of History” and a New World Order were accompanied by the establishment and upgrading of international and transnational mechanisms of control and subjugation.

Founding the WTO, strengthening EU’s and G8’s role, signing agreements such as Maastricht and NAFTA, were like a bugle call to war launched by the elites against the “plebeians”. At the same time, as geopolitical balance of power shifted, new military operations began after one single major superpower had emerged, seeking to expand the limits of its global “living space”, together with its allies. “War against terror” and the “anti”-terrorist crusades became the ideological vehicle for these operations. The dominant bloc of power has been trying to spread its power by constantly setting powder-keg areas on fire; the two wars in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the modern apartheid state of Israel are the most characteristic examples.

The devastating effect of these crusades and of the intensity of capitalist periphery’s looting was the erosion of any concept of social life, or life in general, in the Middle East, where local populations have been suffering by the war. Consequently, millions of uprooted and desperate people started escaping to Europe in every possible way. In order to prevent them, the state-capitalist apparatus was shielded both in terms of legislation, enacting the Dublin 2 Regulation, and in terms of repression, creating the military force of FRONTEX.

After the war in Syria, a huge wave of refugees and migrants fleeing the wider warzone moved towards the west, to the European fortress. The response to this new situation was to revise previous agreements such as Dublin 2, to strengthen the role of FRONTEX, to create hot spots and numerous concentration camps and finally to close the borders, leading to thousands of refugees and migrants being trapped in the entry corridors of Fortress Europe.

The recent decision to deal with refugees by using the same political and military mechanisms (NATO, EU) which caused the destruction of their homes, has multiple objectives:

– It is part of the preparation for the generalization of the war that the rulers have declared, initially in the areas where the antagonism between the strongest power blocks is primarily expressed today, namely the Middle East and South-East Mediterranean, as the bleak outlook of a world conflict returns to the fore and is back in the plans of the military-political staffs.

– It is indicative of the treatment reserved for the refugees, which includes concentration camps, repression and expulsion.

– It is also a clear message that military units and brutal repression will be used for confronting populations which are considered “dispensable” by the State and Capitalism.

At the same time, within western societies, the State of Emergency becomes permanent through the militarization of societies and fascistization.

Within the modern ghettos, under the supervision of either militarized repression forces or even proper military units, as in the recent example of France, a war against the “internal enemy” is taking place – a war against the poor and the excluded. More specifically, after the attacks in Paris last November, the French state, using security as a pretext, seized the opportunity to enforce and then to stabilize a State of Emergency, invading homes, mainly homes of people participating in the social struggles and of migrants, forbidding protests and demonstrations, and institutionally guaranteeing that this regime will be prolonged. The reinforced legislative arsenal of the state, being used already to suppress mobilisations such as the ones against the new labour law in France, increasing monitoring and control, is portraying the repressive maze of modern totalitarianism.

The world of State and Capitalism is bankrupt. It cannot provide any answers to real social needs and has nothing to promise but more misery, poverty, cannibalism, war and death; the absolute dominance of the law of the fittest, the power of the strongest.

That’s the condition that determines every individual policy in the field of class antagonism, and that’s why the plundering against proletarians is internationally growing. The attack in a series of social and class achievements is part of an operation to establish modern totalitarianism just like spreading the war is. Military operations as much as the economic measures which intensify the looting of social wealth, besides producing material benefits for local and international elites, are also sharpening the sense of weakness of the oppressed majority. This oppressed majority is being fragmented into disadvantaged units struggling for their survival, while propaganda and exemplary repression are set to deprive them even of the idea of a fair and free social coexistence.

In Greece, the current gonvernment (Syriza/ANEL), who signed the 3rd loan agreement-memorandum last summer, distracting social consent for the continuation of restructuring policies mainly based on cheap hope trade and on the attempt to misuse and assimilate the social and class struggles of the latest years, stepped on these struggles in order to disarm them and to maintain social peace in times of intense social de-legitimization of the political system.

Its key ideological and political view is nothing else but the acceptance of state and capitalist brutality, as long as it wears the remnants of a democratic mask, together with an underlying threat towards the oppressed that otherwise the same brutality would unfold without the democratic facade which is constantly degraded and destroyed. Nowadays it is attempting to impose the new policies (e.g. social insurance and taxation) they have signed a few months ago, when at the same time social tolerance seems to become increasingly exhausted, because not only the illusions they created for the embellishment of the state and capitalism cannot survive, but the perspective of even worse conditions of survival for the plebeians is becoming more obvious.

In a time that state and capitalism brutality attempts to destroy the lives of the workers, the unemployed, the poor and the plebeians of society, in a time that no government, no party, no parliament and no mediation mechanism can promise anything but submission and poverty, we want and we must develop self-organized structures of struggle and solidarity in every social space, in workplaces of exploitation, in neighborhoods, schools and universities.

This is the time when partial or “intermediate” struggles – demanding permanent work, access to social goods such as housing, healthcare and education, defending social and workers’ rights, fighting to protect the nature – must be connected with the overall social and political demand for subversion of the world of authority and for the libertarian transformation of society.

This is the time when we must create political connections with our comrades and all those who are fighting globally, so that we can confront the common attack that we are under. Taking examples from our historical legacy, the First International and the international battalions of the Spanish Revolution, drawing true hope from today’s resistances, from the Zapatistas’ uprising, the movements against globalization, the revolt of December 2008 in Greece, to Rojava, we must compose against the gloomy world of power a mosaic of revolutionary perspective for a society of freedom and equality. From Mexico to Turkey and from Greece to the slums of France, let’s shout to our brothers and sisters that nothing is over and that no oppressed is alone as long as there is resistance and struggle. Let’s take our lives in our own hands, let’s undertake the responsibility to determine the present and the future, creating a new emancipated society based on dignity, justice, freedom, solidarity in the debris of the world of power, state and capital.




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