Anarsist kadinlar & Group against Patriarchy (APO) – Solidarity messages to the women of the struggle on March 8th


Solidarity message to the women of the struggle on March 8th, Day of class memory, resistance and struggle


In Greece, since the summer, a widespread repressive campaign against the anarchist movement, the squats, the self-organized housing structures for refugees and migrants, the world of solidarity, social and class resistance is underway. This campaign is the spearhead of the state’s and the bosses’ attack to the plebeians of society, aiming to their terrorization and subjugation, in order to impose uninterruptedly state and capitalist barbarity.

In the context of the state’s sweeping repressive attack, repression is reminding us, the women of the struggle, that a special treatment is reserved for us. Alongside the fierce beatings and the chemicals, the cops’s attacks are targeting the women protesters, exerting sexist violence with gestures and insults. The homophobic attacks by riot police squads in Athens, the sexual harassment and threats by the cops who had camped in the neighborhood of Exarcheia, the brutal repression of women protesters and the sexist attacks and insults, the forced undressing and torture of protesters during these last months is a view of the future they reserve for all of us. Patriarchal violence will always be a weapon in the hands of repression to segregate the people from below and is still present as an integral part of state and capitalist barbarism.

In this context, the state attack is targeting immigrants and refugees, men, women and children, all those who are trapped in the concentration camps. The drownings, the deaths from the cold and the hardships, their mass imprisonment, constitute a constant crime against humanity that similar can be found only in the darkest times of colonialism and the great wars. Women refugees, the most vulnerable of the socially excluded, are the main recipients of intolerant rhetoric and capitalist exploitation.

This year, on the 8th of March, we will once again demonstrate as women who struggle alongside our comrades shouting: “AGAINST STATE REPRESSION NO TRUCE – NO SURRENDER!”. The bloody struggles of the women workers of the previous century show the way of resistance to modern totalitarianism.

We salute women’s struggles across the world: from Chiapas and Chile to Rojava and Turkey. As anarchist women, we stand with the words and actions of the struggling women that meet in a heightened fist and a gaze of solidarity, which arms our determination to destroy every form of human oppression, and to build together a world of equality, solidarity and freedom.



Group against patriarchy

Anarchist Political Organization Federation of Collectives

Long live Women Solidarity, Long live Freedom
The international solidarity of women is encouraging us, giving us strength. This solidarity crossing the borders, prove one more time that, no matter where we are, nothing can keep us away from our freedom.
The war conditions of Turkey bring about many cases in which the women are used as tool for the war. As seen in many wars throughout history, women are forced to migrate from the lands that are looted by war in our geography. We’re clearly wittness that how the war and the migration effects women, nowadays.. Thousands of people waiting across the border of Turkey to get Europe. Many women faced with the violence of state and torture.. While we, the women, are resisting the systematic violence on one hand, on the other hand, we are resisting against the state politics which are trying to turn our bodies into tools of war.
While the state is fed by man violence, we are exposed to both state and male violence as women. We resist this violence in all areas of our lives and we become free as we resist.
It is not easy to be a “woman”. No matter where we were born… In the east or in the west, in a small town or in a big city, our lives always have been difficult. What we have faced with was very similar with each other. Even if we were very different, even if we speak different languages, even if we didn’t exactly “look like” each other; we had a piece inside every one of us, that was “no different” from each other. The same things were taught to us; that we are fragile or weak, that we were awkward and foolish, that we must be well-behaved and obedient. We were all bounded hand and foot by patriarchy.
We started fight with the things that were “taught”. We started to fight with manhood,  with the ones who are trying to make us believe that no other way is possible. We started to fight for ourselves, for our every one of us. As we hold each others hands, we become stronger, braver, more awake, more conscious, more stubborn, more free…
As we fight with patriarchy, everyday we become more and more organised. We have seen that  when we come together, nothing can keep us away from our fight.
Anarchist Women (Turkey)