Announcement for the 2nd conference of the Anarchist Political Organization-Federation of Collectives


The 2nd conference of the Anarchist Political Organization – Federation of Collectives took place on the 17th and 18th of June in “Lelas Karagiani 37” squat in Athens. The conference begun with an open discussion related to the political and social circumstances. Comrades from the anarchist assembly for social and class liberation and from the assembly of anarchist and anti-authoritarian students attended the discussion as observers.

In this first process, the collectives/groups members of APO discussed many issues. The war that’s being conducted from the global regime, the state of emergency, the modern totalitarianism as a continuous condition in which the state and bosses attack to the oppressed, the necessity of the internationally organized resistance and of the solidarity with the oppressed, the huge wave of refugees and migrants who are captured in the Greek state, their isolation and confinement in concentration camps, the state-capitalist attack on society and nature, the development of social and class resistance from below and the prospects of connecting individual struggles, the state repression against squats and all the self-organized social and class resistances in general, were some of the subjects that were discussed.This conversation contributed to a productive and interesting dialog where the deep agreements of APO collectives/groups were obvious.

During the open discussion of the first day, comrades from collective “Arfa in circle” from Kefalonia sent written greetings, while through a letter to the Organization the anarchist group “Cumulonimbus” from Corfu submitted a request for participation in APO.

The conference continued with internal discussions by APO members, which review their movement so far and the organization’s structure, they re-evaluated APO’s political context for the next period and set the political directions for the 3rd Conference which is scheduled for the summer of 2018.

Anarchist Political Organization is organized in a federalist way, with its groups/collectives being its cells, and co-operate together horizontally. It is structured on cohesive and sufficient political agreements between the anarchistic groups/collectives, which equally shape their united political strategy and co-exist equally.

Anarchistic Political Organization attempts to contribute to the creation of a well-organized, wide social and class movement. A movement  that will block every attempt of manipulation, exploitation and mediation of social and class struggles and the attempts of its absorption by reformism. That will define the issue of social revolution as the only alternative for the repressed to be free from state and capitalism.


Anarchist Political Organization-Federation of Collectives –