Let’s Tear Down the Modern Apartheid


The only “solution” the system has to give for its own deep and total crisis, for its own contradictions that result from its basic principle – the oppression and exploitation of one human being from another – is this: 


At a global level, the political and economic bosses are attempting an unconditional attack against the people of the capitalist periphery through war, military operations, subversion of regimes and enforcement of new ones, aiming to control whole areas, sources of wealth, even whole populations. This is a condition in which millions of people are condemned to poverty, sickness and forced immigration as a prerequisite for ensuring the over-accumulation of wealth in the hands of global financial elites and for the rearrangement of geopolitical balance of power in the context of international competitions between global, regional and local powers.

The thousands of dead refugees and immigrants at land and sea borders, all those trapped and stuck in modern concentration camps under abject conditions, those imprisoned in a racist state of exception, are the effects of the murderous anti-immigration “deterrence” policies and the building of Fortress-Europe. The “walls” built are not only useful for keeping the outcasts, the “surplus populations”, out of Europe by all means, but also to promote the fascistization ofwestern societies, to establish a condition of fear, control and hate, aiming at the acceptance of their exploitation by the bosses.

No Concentration Camps

Decent Living Conditions and Free Transportation for Refugees and Immigrants

Let’s Tear Down the Modern Apartheid

Let’s RaiseBarricades ofClass and Internationalist Solidarity Against Modern Totalitarianism, War, Racism and Fascism

Anarchist Political Organization – Federation of Collectives