On a global level, the state and capitalist machinery is attempting to exacerbate inequalities, oppression and exploitation increasingly. With the aim of increasing power and control, modern totalitarianism does not hesitate to create war conflicts in the region while continuing the attack against the lower classes in the West. In this spiral of growing insecurity, racist and intolerant narratives of fascist groupings, are gaining ground and rooting; narratives that form an integral part of the overall movement of the ruling bloc.

Everywhere in the world the role of fascists remains the same: to do the dirty work to better serve the powerful, to cultivate hatred for the poor in other areas, to disorientate and to prepare the people for a new mass slaughterhouse in some future war conflict.

Throughout Europe, the neo-Nazis act as a forerunner of the European Union’s anti-immigration political decisions. Attacks on refugee and immigrant camps, when they are not carried out directly by the security authorities, are carried out by neo-Nazis, such as the dozens of attacks on displacement centers in France, Germany. Countries with hard nationalist parties in the government are hermetically closing borders, simply extending the EU’s opt-out policy.

At the same time, faced with the international anti-social coalition of the world’s elites and the warring societies that are preparing, the endless liberation potential of the struggles that are erupting around the world is emerging. From Rozava to Chiapas, from the favelas of Brazil and the uprising in Chile to the anti-fascist barricades of Western Europe and the Balkans, the Social Revolution Case is still alive, putting up barriers to the attack of the state and the bosses and shaping the terms of social and class counter-attack.

It’s this social and class counterattack that scares the masters so much that they’re recruiting the darkest thing human history has to show, in order to stop it. Because of the widespread crisis of the state-capitalist system, the scope for consensus-building to the plans of the dominance, is limited . For this reason, far-right and fascist reserves are already being taken up by the quiver of the masters and have taken action, who have always been forming the Camp of the Counter-Revolution, to pave the way for the implementation of the Power’s strategic aspirations.

From Brazil of Bolsonaro, to the Europe-Fortress of Visegrad, the far-right turn in Italy and France, the Balkans of nationalism and Erdogan’s Turkey, fascism is the “answer” of the system to its overall and deep crisis, to its own contradictions. Contradictions caused by the unstoppable conflict imposed by its basic principle, the exploitation and repression bewtween humans. Along with the war, and the threat of its generalization, they form the iron mesh of power that is spreading worldwide.


In the Greek area, all governments have never stopped cultivating intolerance and racism, and state mechanisms have continued to use and arm the hand of the Nazi strike groups. From the dozens of attacks on refugees and migrants, on youth and fighters, in occupied struggle spaces, (such as the arson of the Libertatia squat in January 2018 in Thessaloniki) to the January 2013 assassination of Sahjat Lukman, Pavlos Fussas in September of the same year, albanian land worker Petrit Zifle in Corfu in November 2018.

The Golden Dawn trial began five years ago, in an atmosphere of widespread social anger from the consecutive fascist attacks, primarly aiming to intercept the expression of social discontent, to launder the Nazi gang, but also the State itself primarily, which is the principal orchestrator and instigator of the fascist/para-state attacks, using them as a reserve in the direction of terrorizing society and oppressing the social and class resistances.

In these years, both the “institutional anti-fascism” that has tried to project the state as the sole guarantor of “democratic normality”, to consolidate the theory of the two extremes and to rinse out the action of the para-state neo-nazis, and the decadent action on the pavement itself have found themselves facing the firm, decisive, persistent and uncompromising anti-fascist action.

Today, the trial ends with most indictees already moving freely, while the head office prosecutor, Adamantia Ikonomou, ending any illusions some might have about “state anti-fascism” [regime anti-fascsim] proposes acquitting the accused for the murder of P. Fussas, and acquitting them of the charge of setting up a criminal organization.

At the same time, the July 2019 election brought to the government the far-right government of the N.D., following SYRIZA’s social democratic management, which, in the name of the radical left, rescued the bankrupt system, exploiting the 2008-2012 struggles,later scattered illusions and hallucinations by turning large social pieces into alternative and impasse and demaining the movements of challenge and overthrow.

On the depleted social fabric, the plundering labor rights and the impaired resistances is now being imposed by far-right political management the doctrine “Law and order”.

Since the beginning of its rule, it has launched an all-out attack on the world of struggle, on the anarchists and their structures, on the fighting neighborhood , on the world of labour, on young people.

At the same time, the most extreme policies of extermination are implementing against the most vulnerable and weakest social aspect, the refugees and the immigrants; an exclusion regime and the consolidation of the rhetoric that there are lives not worth living. The self-organized structures of refugees and immigrants in which solidarity is developing, are being forcefully evacuated, and women, men and children are being transported to concentration camps which are constantly increasing throughout the territory. Concentration camps in which death is constantly being held, where people are stacked by thousands and forced to live in conditions that are miserable and completely unsuitable for human life and dignity. Women burn behind the barbed wire in Moria, children die in cardboard boxes. They are excluded from access to health and work, by discontinuing the provision of their social number (AMKA) and from education,

at the same time as promoting intolerance and racism, so that they are faced with marginalization and social cannibalism, wherever they may be.


Every year, in Sofia, Bulgaria, a fascist parade is held in honor of fascist general Hristo Lukov, who was executed by guerrilla Violeta Yakova on February 13th 1943. The parade is organized by a series of neo-Nazi parties and organizations such as the Bulgarian National Union and so on. The parade is the leading manifestation of fascism in Bulgaria, and every year delegations from fascist and Nazi parties from other European countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, etc.) participate.

For us, as anarchists, the resistance to the onslaught of totalitarianism and fascism should have a real internationalist character. It is impossible to fight globalized capitalism and fascism solely [on a local level] in Greece. It is vital to develop contacts and practical solidarity between comrades in neighboring countries, as well as on an enlarged international level.

The Anarchist Political Organization has been supporting the anti-fascist protest held in Sofia for three years. Several comrades from Greece have been in Bulgaria’s capital in recent years to protest against fascism and to support the comrades there, who have been trying to build barricades in the ongoing promotion of fascism, to build structures and fronts to resist the attack of state, fascists and mafias.

The social movement in Bulgaria, having essentially been completely dissolved under the state boot of socialism, has been confronted from the outset with the nationalist and fascist groups, which were regrouped after the collapse of 1991. Today, it is vital to support Bulgaria’s anti-fascist movement so that it can resist the fascist threat, so that social and class resistance can flourish, against nationalist crowns and capitalist commands. For this reason, APO is also calling this year for groups and individuals to respond to the call to join the February 22nd protest in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For the strengthen of common internationalist struggles. For the Balkans of equality, solidarity and mutual respect. For the Social Revolution, Libertarian Communism and Anarchy.


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