Solidarity to those who struggle in Slovenia against the oppression of squats


The attack of the Slovenian state against the squats and the autonomous
spaces is evolving. Argo squat in the city of Izola has already been
evacuated, through an oppressive raid during which activists were injured
by police forces, while a new attack against the squat of INDE in the city
of Koper is also underway. These attacks are the continuation of a state
expedition against those who resist to the enforcement of impoverishment,
submission and racist intolerance.

The industrial buildings which have been squatted and used from the
Slovenian movement are spaces where social and class solidarity and radical
criticism is growing. Their sale-out from the Slovenian Ministry of
Economy, is part of the European policies of privatization, through which
the deepening of class inequalities and the control over every public space
is attempted.

In Greece, state’s targeting of squats was expressed through the invasion
to squats of solidarity to refugees in Thessaloniki in 2016 and the fascist
parastatal attacks to squatted anarchist and antiauthoritarian spaces of

State and Capitalist dictatorship is attacking internationally, in an
attempt to impose the bleak way of modern totalitarianism, a regime in
which social-class resistance is targeted by the oppressive mechanisms,
class oppression is constantly rising and anti-immigration policies in the
context of Fortress Europe are creating fences, concentration camps and
promotes parastatal fascist groups.

Against them we oppose the barricades of our resistance for the extinction
of exploitation and oppression, our solidarity and comradeship. We oppose
the front of struggles we strive to strengthen through self-organization
and internationalist solidarity.

*Against the oppression attacks of the Slovenian state*

*Internationalist solidarity for Anarchy and Libertarian Communism*

Anarchist Political Organization (APO)-Federation of Collectives-

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