The generalization of war as the peak of the state and capital’s attack on society

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The generalization of war as the peak of the state and capital’s attack on society

The brutal attack that society is experiencing today is the result of the long-lasting attempts of the state and the bosses for its transformation and the implementation of prison-like conditions. This attack, within the context of a deep systemic crisis and de-legitimization of the political system globally, is escalating, exposing both the incurable contradictions of the state-capitalist organization model and the total inability of those from above to produce any coherent social vision, prospect and hope.

The roots of this constantly escalating aggressiveness can be found in the nature of the repressive and exploitative system. The need to deepen and expand power leads to the attempt to control all human activities, aiming to the complete subjugation of society to the will of the state and the bosses. The state-capitalist system is based on the irrationality of social and class oppression, in order to perpetuate its existence by all means and, therefore, the destructive results it imposes on society and nature. The obvious disintegration of the system is not the result of the multilateral crisis. On the contrary, the multilateral crisis is the result of the system’s disintegration at a social, political and ethical level.

This decay and bankruptcy of the state and capitalist world is what sets limits to its global integration and, at the same time, what leads to the intensification of endo-imperialistic conflicts and the consequential rise of the threat of war.

Within this context, the main direction that brings together the state and capitalist entities in the West (regardless of their political and economic administrators) is their campaign for the establishment of a modern totalitarianism, the attempt of fortifying the regime in order to secure its survival, to establish a new, faceless authoritarianism that imposes, firstly the provocative luxurious living of the elite and secondly the unbearable and even exterminating conditions for those who are socially excluded, within which billions of people are forced into slavery.

The militarist, political, economic and cultural expansionism of the western block of power, attempts to extract legalization and consent out from the wretchedness that is produced by it. War, expatriation, poverty, social cannibalism are the products of the state-capitalist system and simultaneously operate as a threat against the impoverished masses. The ideological side of its expansionism includes the promotion of the state-capitalist world as an inescapable reality, within which the pseudo-dilemmas of the bourgeois democracy, focusing on the management of the generalized authoritarian decay, are only allowed to exist.

At a global level, the political and economic bosses’ unconditional attack against people and regions of the capitalist periphery includes war operations, the imposition of dictatorships/theocratic regimes and the overthrow of others, the instigation of civil wars, the destruction of production forces, the control of wealth and resources, the economic draining of entire populations, the environmental destruction of entire regions and a huge number of human losses. This condition forms endless deserted lands, ready to be pillaged and “reconstructed”, in order to secure control over the people and lands, to increase profitability, to expand the economic activities of the world’s leading economic elites, as well as, to rearrange the balance of geopolitical power within the context of interstate antagonism between global, peripheral or local ‘players’.

The upgrading of the military bases and the enhancement of the various interstate war mechanisms’ role are part of the preparation for the generalization of war, declared by the world dominion. While the dark prospect of a global conflict is reemerging on the central stage, as well as, in the agenda of the military-political headquarters, this attempt is focused initially in the Middle East and the southeastern Mediterranean, i.e. in the field where the main rivalries between the most powerful power blocks are expressed.

Within these conditions, NATO, as an interstate war and defense alliance of the world rulers, using as an ideological vehicle the ‘war on terrorism’, attempted to expand its power and its ‘vital space’ by constantly setting ‘fire to powder kegs’, with most characteristic examples the two wars in Iraq, the war in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, as well as the creation of the modern apartheid state of Israel. Within this alliance, the United States of America is the leading power, operating as the forerunners of the campaign to establish modern totalitarianism globally. Nowadays, it plays an active role in the expansion of peripheral conflicts and imperialistic antagonisms from Ukraine to Libya, from Syria to Yemen and from Cyprus to Venezuela.

The Greek state, as a member of the European Union and NATO, is steadily oriented towards the aspirations of the dominant political and economic elites, of which it is an integral part. The current political administration, as all the previous ones, has fulfilled and keeps fulfilling its mission, which is no other than the constant attempt for the unobstructed enforcement of the modern dictatorship of the state and capital, of modern totalitarianism on a global scale. After all, this common aspiration is the basis of every authoritarian alliance.

The recent renewal of the defensive collaboration between Greece and the U.S., with the upgrading of the military base in Souda and its role in the wider region, the transfer of ‘special’ weapons in the Araxos air base and the expansion of the existing military bases scattered all around the country, including the ones in Larisa, Stefanovikeio and the helicopter base of Alexandroupoli, are indicative of the confirmation and expansion of relations between Greece and the US, the fastening of the Greek bourgeoisie in the chariot of interests of the dominant international political-economic elite and the amplification of the Greek state’s role in the neuralgic regions of the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. Greece’s active role in the regional developments and its upgraded cooperation with a series of neighboring states (Israel, Cyprus, Egypt), the “solution” provided to the (for years) open issue of Macedonia’s accession to NATO and the complete dominance of NATO in West Balkans are clear signs of the new role that the Greek state aims to play in the region. The summit of the governments of Greece-Cyprus-Israel in late March, under the close supervision of US, in order to reach a deal for the construction of “EastMed” -a natural gas pipeline- is a characteristic reflection of its role. A deal that increases the importance of these three states in the geopolitical chessboard.

The new role of the Greek state is ratified by the condition, which is created in the distribution of the energy resources of the wider region. A process that includes the destruction of whole areas by land and sea mining, with the local bourgeoisie claiming the biggest possible involvement, since those resources are going to end up on their hands.

The distribution of these energy resources is part of the general cooperation of the Greek state with the leading political and economic powers of the western block, and the active presence of NATO forces in the Aegean Sea is related with this context, assuming the role of the supervisor of the EEZ and the mining expeditions that are yet to come. The presence of NATO forces in the area have already been validated by the forces that had been mobilized previously in order to control the refugees, who were attempting to escape the hell of the Middle East.

In front of this reality, we have the duty to organize our resistance. To set barricades to the plans of the global dominants, who promise only death, poverty, wars, refuge, misery and impoverishment. Inspired by the anti-war protests of the past, we should attempt to build a strong internationalist movement from below against war, against modern totalitarianism. Towards this direction, the resistance against the plans of expanding and upgrading the military bases in the interior, as well as against the wider attempt of promoting the role of the Greek state in the international war scene is another important battle we must give.

From our side, we are certain that the perspective of war societies, of poverty and impoverishment, of social fascistization and the revival of nationalisms will have devastating effects in humanity. Also, we are convinced that class and internationalist solidarity between the people, the organized counterattack of the repressed classes and the overturn of the world of the state and capitalism at a global level are capable of forming the preconditions for the creation of a society of prosperity, equality, peace and justice, without exploitation, interstate wars and disorienting antagonisms.

It is high time that we connect politically with the comrades and the people of the struggle internationally, in order to face the common attack, we are all receiving. Only the flames of the struggles from all around the world can pose a real threat to the world of authority. These flames are still burning…

From the revolted Rojava that resists against the attacks of ISIS and the Turkish state and the struggling Palestine which continues to fight against modern Apartheid, to the resistance against the fascist state of Erdogan in nearby Turkey, to the new battle that the Zapatista communities in Chiapas are preparing to give against the ‘war drums’ of the Mexican state, and the mobilizations against war, the military bases and militarism that emerge in the interior of the western world, especially when the clouds of an even great war are gathering over humanity.

Against the attack of the decayed world of authority we propose the solidarity of our common struggles. Against the dystopia of modern totalitarianism, in which the great majority is impoverished and subordinated, we should juxtapose the libertarian society organized through the federal social councils “for the freedom of each one and the equality for all”.



Anarchist Political Organization | Federation of Collectives

March 2019 |