Short briefing on the participation of the Group Against Patriarchy-Anarchist Political Organizationfrom Greece in the mobilizations related to the 8th of March


On Wednesday 8/3,we participated in the mobilizations related to the “International Women’s day”, in the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra. The convenient for the dominion myths, that distort the cause of women’s emancipation by presenting it as a claim for “equal” distribution of authority, hide the history of bloody pugnacious women struggles, from the strikes led by immigrant women workers in the sewing factories in the USA in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in which the 8th of March is rooted, to MujeresLibres, engraving a route to this day.

In Athens, we marched with the banner “International and class solidarity with the struggles of women against patriarchy, state and capitalism” to the Parliament and distributed ourbrochurethatincluded our message of international solidarity to women struggles, as it was published in the 37th issue of Meydan newspaper, a solidarity message fromAnarşistKadınlar (Anarchist Women) from Turkey and short note on the historical roots of the 8th of March.

In Thessaloniki, we also participated in mobilization called for the 8th of March in the center of the city. In Patra, we hung a banner: “8 MARCH-RESISTANCE AND STRUGGLE DAY. International and class solidarity with the struggles of women against patriarchy, state and capitalism” on the central square of the city and distributed our statement. In addition, we set up a stall with the Anarchist Political Organization’s statements,brochuresand some books on struggles for women liberation. In the afternoon of the same day,we participated to the mobilization in solidarity to women refuges and migrants.

We salute the struggles of women: from Chiapas to Rojava and from Turkey to the USA. As anarchists, we stand alongside them, in their words and actions,with a raised fist and a glance of solidarity. Their resistance strengthens our determination to destroy every form of oppression from one human being to the other, to build a world of equality, solidarity and freedom.

Group against Patriarchy

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