Solidarity with the 2 comrades who are prosecuted for the attacks on the offices of Golden Dawn


Solidarity with the 2 comrades who are prosecuted for the attacks on the offices of Golden Dawn

On December 16th 2019, two comrades were arrested in Athens by the “counter”-terrorist agency and were accused for the attacks on the offices of Golden Dawn. After being imprisoned for two days, in order for the police to prepare their tactics and upgrade the indictment against the comrades, they were led to be examined by the state Prosecutors on December 19th and were released under restrictive conditions: reporting to the Police four times a month, prohibition on leaving the country and a deposit a 15,000 euro bail per person in order to avoid custody.

The arrest of the two comrades was followed by the promotion of a climate of terror by the media, while the “counter” terrorist agency, through their willing snitches, is spreading different scenarios on the existence of guerilla organizations active in Exarcheia. In parallel, the repressive mechanisms of the state upgraded the charges according to the 187A law (“counter”-terrorist law) and fabricated the existence of a “terrorist” organization by the name “Taxiarchia” (Brigade). According to the scenarios of the court case the “Brigade” first appeared on March 2017, by the attack to the offices of the fascists of Golden Dawn in Mesogeion Avenue by the name “Brigade Pavlos Fyssas” and made six attacks in total against fascist targets.

At the same time when the two antifascists were targeted by the repressive mechanisms and face the danger of detention, the prosecutor in chair at the trial of Golden Dawn, Adamantia Economou was proposing the release of those accused for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, while she denied the existence of a criminal organization. At the same time, squats (Kouvelou at Marousi, Community of squats at Koukaki) were evicted. At the time when the murder attempts against the people of the struggle, against members of the labor unions and immigrants, when the tortures and humiliations against demonstrators, when the beatings against students and workers are becoming an everyday reality, the organization of the social and class counter attack against the system which bears poverty, impoverishment, death, exploitation and inequality becomes a necessity.

Within an environment of brutal social and class plunder, ruthless attack against the devastated social base and a sweeping attack against the social and class movement, the self-organized spaces of struggle and the squats, the people of the movement and all those who question the inescapability of this reality– through the ongoing repressive attack -, our two comrades were prosecuted through a fabricated and flimsy indictment for the “crime” of keep fighting despite all odds.

From our side, we stand on the side of the two comrades that are prosecuted through the apparently repressive manipulations of the legal and repressive mechanisms, and on the side of every person who is facing the repressive rage of the state. The support of our comrades, morally, materially and politically, is the movement’s duty.




Anarchist Group “Dysinios Ippos / member of the Anarchist Political Organization |